STYAL VILLAGE - (11/04/05)

Styal Village was the destination for our latest visit. Styal is part of the Quarry Bank Mill Estate owned by National Trust and is located close to Wilmslow in Cheshire.

To view photos from our previous visit to the nearby Quarry Bank Mill please see, Page 1 | Page 2 or click here for Styal Woods.

The cottages shown above were built to house workers at the nearby cotton spinning mill, Quarry Bank Mill. The photo in the centre shows the window display in the building that once housed the shop.
The Styal Estate including the Mill, Apprentice House and Styal Village is a great place for a visit; a complete example of an early factory complex it gives a taste of what life must have been like during the industrial revolution.
It was beer garden weather at the nearby 350 year old Ship Inn before heading back towards the village and Norcliffe Chapel.

A short walk from Norcliffe Chapel takes you into Styal Woods and towards the River Bollin as shown in the photo to the right above. The Styal Estate including Quarry Bank Mill was donated to the National Trust in 1939 by Alexander Carlton Greg, although it continued to operate as a working mill until 1959; it was first opened as a museum in 1978.


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