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From Carl from Cheshire on Thu Mar 31 2011 03:24

Message: I like the styal estate woodland photos. its a great place to walk all year round, especially in spring and summer.

From Marylan Gonzales from USA on Wed Mar 30 2011 20:04

Message: This is where i will live when i win the lottery.. no joke..well maybe about winning the lottery.. as if that would happen, i fell in love with this beautiful place while watching our beloved Summer Wine.

From Anthony Brewster from Stoke on Trent on Sat Mar 26 2011 09:03

Message: I always visit Knypersley pool and other local site, i love my amature photography hobby. I have lots of photos of wildlife in and around Knypersley.

From Gerard GLAIZE from Nimes - France on Sun Mar 16 2011 10:12

Message: I have just read your site, and I enjoyed watching your pictures, especially for the landscapes and animals. Congratulations. Gerard.

From Donna Greene Lewis from North Carolina,NC USA on Tue Dec 28 2010 01:19

Message: holmfirth is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It has a quaint, cozy, storybook quality to it.

From t from all over on Sun Nov 21 2010 06:14

Message: I have loved this site for many years. I spend a lot of time away from home and always look to this website for photos of England and Cheshire. No new updates in a while, hope you keep the site going.

From Paul Hugh Reilly from US (moved house from Ireland) on Fri Apr 16 2010 09:31

Message: Preserve the heritage. Good on ya.

From jeeranun from Thailand on Fri Feb 26 2010 07:45:24

Message: Scotland LOVE THE PIC

From Vicki Landenburg from Conyers, GA USA on Sun Feb 21 2010 19:16:11

Message: I love the show hope it continues for many more years...

From Marichal Claude from Faymonville / Belgique on Tue Dec 08 2009 14:19:16

Message: Superbe,un tout grand merci.

From Hazel Greenwood from Sandbach on Sun Dec 06 2009 07:37:34

Message: I like walking round the mere with my dog.

From Susan Thomson from Central Otago, NZ on Thu May 14 2009 10:48:31

Message: I just want to say how much we enjoyed our visits to Longnor last year. I was born in Buxton and have lived in NZ for most of my life.We had the best Fish and Chips in the corner cafe in Longnor. When we revisit UK in the near future,Longnor will be on our 'to do list'. Wonderful village.

From Sue from Cheshire on Tue Apr 28 2009 13:32:34

Message: an absolutely beautiful website

From Hugh Robert Otterburn from Market Drayton, Shropshire on Fri Jan 09 2009 00:59:24

Message: Really super photographs that bring back some very happy memories, many thanks Nicky !

From Marci from Miami, Florida USA on Wed Dec 18 2008 14:38:33

Message: Your photographs are absolutely stunning, they really showcase the beauty of the British landscape. Thank you!

From athol coutman from Tamworth, Australia on Mon Dec 08 2008 00:15:11

Message: Terrific photos of st james ,church gawsworth ,my g/g/gparents married there in 1845 Samuel&Ann Baguley It would nice to here from the Baguleyfamily in macclesfield regards athol coutman

From pirate and pudding from Watendlath on Sat Nov 22 2008 17:36:16

Message: Enjoyed looking at yous pics so much of WATENDLATH, that we had to visit, wonderful.

From sandra rix from Durban, South Africa on Thu Nov 13 2008 07:49:22

Message: great.

From Margaret S from New Zealand on Thu Sep 25 2008 06:24:44

Message: Your website is a constant joy to someone who has a ongoing love affair with the UK. Thank you from NZ.

From Hayley Hoskins from Stoke-On-Trent on Tue Aug 05 2008 12:57:05

Message: Great site fantastic photos

From Graham from Edinburgh on Tue Jul 01 2008 15:17:14

Message: Is it always sunny in the lake district ,or just in your photographs

From Kaci from Oregon on Sun Jun 22 2008 05:35:03

Message: Just stumbled across this fabulous site, while looking to find out where "Last of the Summer Wine" was filmed. I just love the scenery that I see on the show. Great pictures, and, captions, you have. Great site. Thanks.

From Jim Hull from Killabakh, NSW Australia on Thu May 29 2008 03:19:05

Message: A Fan of the Summer Wine series...We often wondered where this beautiful spot was.

From Ste Viner from Liverpool on Wed Apr 16 2008 20:33:42

Message: Come upon your website looking for walks, As I am about to start doing due to my health condition, Found you site fascinating, and I also have an interest in Photography, so I was in my element looking at all the pictures featured, Your site has now earned a place in my Favourites.

From Hel G C on Sun Feb 17 2008 20:51:05

Message: Hi, love your website - if it's ok with you I'd like to put a link to it on my private blog so that my US penfriend can see your pics ahead of her visit to Cheshire. Best wishes.

From sam freekadelah from UK on Wed Jan 23 2008 15:25:26
Homepage: http://http://didgiwidgi.co.uk

Amazing and beautiful photos from around the UK. Makes me want to jump in the car and get out with my camera.

From Lance C from Wales on Fri Jan 11 2008 15:31:14
Homepage: http://www.community.webshots.com/user/tuc1966

Message: Hi Nicky
Glad to see you post new photos, hope all ok with you.

From Sue C from Cleveland, Ohio on Tue Jan 08 2008 22:04:05

Message: This is such a lovely site, the photos are spectacular, and then when I stumbled across the dogs! Love it.

From Fiona from Australia on Wed Jan 02 2008 00:50:44

Message: I used to live in Wildboarclough. Brings back lovely memories.

From Mick from Sheffield on Wed Nov 28 2007 18:37:26

Message: I really enjoyed looking at the photographs that you have of the Peak District National Park as I can be found here most weekends. Mick

From John Williams from Wrexham on Mon Oct 01 2007 11:28:14

Message: Nice Site

From Andy from Middlesbrough, England on Fri Sep 21 2007 15:46:14
Homepage: http://www.marstonoutdoor.com

Message: Cool website you have, enjoyed looking through the photos

From Shaun Geraghty from Gnosall, Staffordshire on Sat Sep 01 2007 13:30:33
Homepage: http://www.shaungeraghty.co.uk

Message: What a lovely site, featuring many of our favourite spots for both walking and photography (accompanied by our own paws Paddy the Westie!). We regularly walk at the Roaches, Rudyard Lake etc.. All the best
Shaun and Nina Geraghty

From yvonne wendt from geervliet netherlands on Sun Aug 26 2007 13:48:14

Message: very nice pictures,they bring a smile on my face.

From Carolyn Higgins from Okla.City,Okla. on Sat Aug 18 2007 16:11:15

Message: Searching for burial of Sarah'Sallie'(MASSEY)MIDKIFF(b.ca 1850-Jan.1972,Ky.),w/o Thos.B.Midkiff &d/o Edmund Massey/Martha MOORMAN.

From Dogs Dad from Lancashire on Sat Jul 21 2007 11:49:15
Homepage: http://www.prestonwalkies.blogspot.com

Message: Useful site. Well done.

From Fiona from Australia on Thu Jun 28 2007 10:23:14

Message: I used to live in Wildboarclough. These photos are beautiful and bring back lots of memories of my childhood.

From Duncan from Sussex on Wed Jun 06 2007 12:15:06

Message: Your expert eye for composition and lighting create images that communicate very strongly on an emotional level. Great art! Thankyou!

From stacey harperst from Kingsley, Delamere on Thu May 24 2007 22:45:52

Message: What a wonderful site, you should try to go to Delamere Forest as its such a beautiful place.

From Loraine from Hanford, Stoke on Trent,Staffordshire on Fri Apr 27 2007 00:47:55

Message: The photos keep geeting better, Keep up the good work nicky, Your site gives us hours of pleasure.

From Heather from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Canada on Thu Mar 29 2007 13:3:25

Message: Thank you for the pictures of Holmfirth...Love the view from the hills. Enjoy your website very, very much! Glad to see my girl Gracie( Paws Gallery) in the PEI waters.Such a joy to see the other dogs, especially in the beautiful English countryside.

From Christine from Redditch, Worcestershire on Thu Mar 15 2007 19:06:22

Message: Hi Nicky You have some wonderful photo's on here. I can see you've worked hard on this site. Where do you get all the dog photo's from? Is it people you meet on holiday?

From Fiona Campbell from North Yorkshire on Sun Feb 18 2007 12:38:55

Message: Fantastic photos, pleased to see them on the net.

From Mike House from Maidstone on Sat Feb 03 2007 00:12:14

Message: I was 12, in 1958, when I first walked to Windgather. My friend Gilbert Buggey lived over the canal from Higher Poynton Station where his father worked. We walked through Lyme and passed Bowstones to Windgather ate our sandwiches and then walked back. It was a foggy day and we kept emerging from the mist into clear blue sky. Later when I was 16 it was where I first started rock climbing. Thanks

From loraine from Hanford stoke on trent staffordshire on Tue Jan 30 2007 01:48:55

Message: your work gets better, just got back on line after a 6mth break, so enjoying all your new pictures, makes me proud to see what a beautiful country we have, and love the paws site.

From Dick Van Smell from Liverpool on Fri Jan 19 2007 10:19:55

Message: These pics are great and have helped me with everthing i do

From LOUISETTE on Fri Jan 12 2007 16:01:12

Message: Enjoyed visiting you galery fotos and paw fotos.Nice site.

From Hayley Gamble on Tue Jan 02 2007 22:23:41

Message: Love the photos!! Bring back gorgeous memories!!

From Christine Benn from Hertfordshire on Tue Jan 02 2007 21:47:13

Message: My mother is a Beesander, she was born in 1918 maiden name Hutchings, I would be very interested to hear from you , I am her daughter, we have quite a few relatives still in the area. Lynns Hutchings.

From Christine Blackmore from Honiton Devon on Tue Dec 12 08:07:28 2006

Message: I was thinking of home today. And saw your beautiful photographs. Lots of childhood memories come back tears rolling down my face it true what they say no place like home. Thank you.

From Barry from Australia on Tue Dec 05 20:52:41 2006

Message: Thank you for the beautiful photos!They really do bring back lots of wonderful memories. Best Regards.

From Alan Yates from Denton Manchester on Tue Dec 05 20:36:04 2006

Message: Walked with group of 18 from glossop, Glossop Happy Ramblers. still the sun shines !!! brill photos

From Steve Frame from Ont Canada on Sun Dec 03 22:52:02 2006

Message: Loved the pictures , brings back a lot of memories. Used to live in Gawsworth and have been in Canada for 30 years now.

From Deborah Longshaw from Toronto Ontario-Canada on Thu Nov 30 17:56:17 2006

Message: Great-Great-Great Great Grand-daughter of William Jr. Longshaw. Great Grandfather of Gilbert Longshaw

From Margaret Hinchliffe from Hamilton, Victoria, Austrralia on Thu Nov 30 06:19:22 2006

Message: I liked the pictures of Holmfirth, I visited there earlier this year as my hysbands family had connections with Hinchliffe Mill & I have been looking on web sites to find a picture of the Mill in the early day but haven't found one yet.

From Michel on Wed Nov 29 00:22:04 2006

Message: Hi!Thank you for your site.

From John Waugh Philipson from Haydon Bridge England on Tue Nov 14 19:51:22 2006

Message: I think its great. My granfathers brother lived at 24 winifred ave unima nsw.is there any one left.

From Jennifer Carr from Bournemouth on Thu Nov 02 14:38:25 2006

Message: I think that your Photographs are wonderful you have a brilliant collection of images.

From Gail from Macclesfield on Sat Oct 21 20:46:26 2006

Message: Your photos are brilliant! Put mine to shame, lol.

From Patrick Wright on Tue Oct 17 17:13:05 2006

Message: As somebody born in Matlock Bath it is lovely to see these pictures. Candles were still used to illuminate some of the trees when I was a lad. I used to get paid one old penny an hour for helping light them staring at about 5p.m.

From Sindu Scheck on Thu Oct 05 17:57:58 2006

I love this pic..of Chattsworth...I was there a few years back and it was fun..could you send me some more pics of Chattsworth and of castles:)

From PETER TYSON from WATENDLATH on Mon Sep 25 20:02:05 2006

Message: Enjoyed my visit to this most utterly wonderful hamlet.other tea rooms should pay a visit,staff so kind when I slipped and broke my ankle, on christmas day, I was made too feel part of the family. god bless

From alex dyla from Manchester on Mon Sep 25 10:18:06 2006

Message: Just to let anybody know if they were on the cat yesterday, there was a serious accident opposite the tea room in which 3 of my friends were involved and one was unfortunately killed. To any of you that ride, be safe.

From James from Warrington on Sun Sep 10 15:52:41 2006

Message: I never knew beeston castle had such an interesting history

From Janet Sanders from Pampa, TX, USA on Fri Jul 14 21:07:42 2006

Message: My Mother's family ancestors are from Wales, the Merrick family. We are related to Llywelyn the Great so I was especially intrigued to see the castle picture. Thank you for putting together a wonderful and completely intriguing site. I hope to some day visit.

From Lauren from Liverpool on Fri Jul 14 11:05:56 2006

Message: cooooooool

From Ian Cumming from New South Wales Australia on Fri Jul 14 10:37:41 2006

Message: I would appreciate information on the subject Beable / on the inn "alight and come in" This is part of my family tree

From Bernie from Swindon on Tue Jul 11 20:58:03 2006

Message: wot a fab site, took some time away from the norm routeen,took my one year pup lab (buster) to marloes sands in pembrokeshire, wow wot a fantastic walk,beach,view, well worth the visit, took 3.5 hrs from swindon, thanks to bootsandpaws

From Lynn Woolley from Frankston Victoria Australia on Thu Jul 06 08:26:41 2006

Message: Read Peter Needham's response and understood immediately. I also was born there. I think Peter could very well be my cousin. I have had no contact with him since leaving England in 1958, aged seven. Would love contact with him.

From Darran Stephens from Edmonton Alberta on Sat Jul 01 05:44:41 2006

Message: Nice to see photos of home - thanks for putting them on the web

From Loraine & Carl Bryan from Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England on Mon Jun 26 22:00:27 2006

Message: Keep up the good work, your site is fantastic, spend hours looking at the great photos.

From Tom Woodworth from Tacoma,Washington USA on Sat Jun 24 23:59:42 2006

Message: Love your pictures,keep them coming,thanks

From Ken Greening from Guernsey on Tue Jun 13 20:10:48 2006

Message: Very good winter scenes well done

From Malcolm Bowman from Doncaster on Thu Jun 08 17:45:05 2006

Lovely website, wife dog & I are going to Bigbury on sea in Sept. but disapointed about dog restrictions. Northumberland & Pembrokeshire are excellent for our four legged friends.

From Gill Blower from Westhoughton, Bolton) on Wed May 31 21:56:06 2006

Message: Excellent website. I have two westies and am a keen photographer. It may be useful to know where you can let dog off lead. Will visit again.

From Geoff Tawney from France on Thu May 11 11:13:48 2006

Message: I am getting homesick

From Tony from Dorset on Sat Apr 29 20:16:08 2006
Homepage: http://www.tony.mathews.dsl.pipex.com

Message: You have an excellent site and the best part is your PAWS GALLERY. Keep up the good work

From penny from Darley Dale(Matlock) on Fri Apr 28 14:57:06 2006

Message: I love Matlock it's great :)

From kirsty n demi from Huddersfield on Fri Mar 24 11:22:22 2006

Message: i fink ya syt wa well gd lol keep up dA GD wurk nuff luv 4rm demi n kirsty

From emma from Brunt Villa Dale on Fri Mar 17 18:30:22 2006

Message: I love seein pics of dale even though i live ea the pics r great

From caroll parasmo from Prestbury on Thu Mar 09 20:25:26 2006

Message: I have physically visited in quite a while so taking the virtual tour was great. I usually stay at the White House Inn...just lovely. I also like strolling through the cemetery to read the inscriptions; quite humbling. Two of my dearest friends live on Ashbrook Drive...

From Jen Boden from Cheshire on Tue Mar 07 14:54:22 2006

Message: The photos of our area are absolutely stunning and bring back childhood memories! Keep up the good work!

From Peter Jackson from Charleston West Viginia USA on Sat Feb 25 15:54:38 2006

Message: I was born in Willersley Castle near Cromford so seeing these photo's brings wonderful memories of home closer to me, Thank You

From Jess Lathwood from Derbyshire on Thu Feb 23 14:22:26 2006

Message: I went on this site for homework its brilliant but 1 thing it doesn't have any information about shops.

From Lisa Graham from Coventry on Thu Feb 16 15:26:17 2006

Just wanted to say I love your site, i have just come across it and cant wait to email you some pictures of our first holiday with our pooch Louie. We have just booked his second holiday in Bridlington, and after the experience of taking Louie on holiday last year we wouldn't contemplate a holiday without him.

From Simon Alexanda Viouchskie from Stockport on Wed Feb 01 00:35:26 2006

After watching the program shown on itv on tuesday the 31/01/06 i enjoyed it very much , being a lover of the great outdoors i wanted to see the bridges again. simon.

From Anita Goinar from Bradford on Sun Jan 29 22:29:26 2006

Message: Thank you for all the nice Fotos.

From Carlo Meo - Casacalendas' LIPU Nature Reserve from Casacalenda (Italy) on Sun Jan 1 10:05:04 2006

Message: Your site is simply fantastic ! An authentic journey in Britain. Thanks for the emotions it brings.

From Lynn Woolley from Frankston Victoria Australia on Tue Dec 20 22:01:17 2005

Message: Read Peter Needham's response and understood immediately. I also was born there. I think Peter could very well be my cousin. I have had no contact with him since leaving England in 1958, aged seven. Would love contact with him.

From Sergej Brin on Mon Dec 19 11:06:30 2005

Message: Very good site! I like it! I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site..Thanks!

From maureen from australia on Thu Dec 8 10:49:52 2005

Message: great site I will be back,it was lovely to see places i had been too.made me homesick for england again. but too old now

From Maurice Scott on Sun Nov 13 10:34:16 2005

Message: Great site. How about a site for other parts of Lincolnshire and say Magpie Bridge, The Glory Hole, Stonebow, The three directional bridge at Sleaford, of villages like Glentworth Brattleby Welburn.

From Phil Hall from Derbyshire on Sun Oct 23 20:27:13 2005

Message: Fantastic site, love the photos. Well Done. PS Added you to me links page http://www.derbyshirewalks.co.uk/weblinks.htm

From Huyatur on Fri Oct 21 21:52:54 2005

Message: I love your site and find it to be a wonderful resource. Thank you for taking the time to put it all together.

From Anni Rumble from Wales UK on Mon Oct 10 17:03:36 2005

Message: What a fantastic site!!! Just looking for shots of Barafundle Bay when I came across your site. We live here in West Wales and travel to these beaches regularly, you have made a great job of photographing and writing about them. Thank you.

From samantha guildford from crewe on Mon Oct 3 11:36:37 2005

Message: i found that it was really good and good for a walk

From margaret bridle from melbourne australia on Sat Oct 1 10:26:54 2005

Message: love the photos of marbury used to live in brine pump cottages .the park look beautifull

From Trudy Burton from Florida USA on Fri Sep 30 20:40:54 2005

Message: Feeling home sick - thanks for the photos. Smile!

From Daniel Searle on Sun Sep 25 12:30:16 2005

Message: Very interesting and useful website. Lots of good info and pictures on Bakewell. Thanks....

From gerard kirwan from birmingham west midlands uk on Fri Sep 23 22:04:10 2005

Message: great site keep it up

From Bobbi on Fri Sep 23 14:47:48 2005

Message: Hi, my frends from United States ! (Andy and Dikky from Colorado). Good site. Dmitry Sentin from Belgia

From A happy walker on Thu Sep 22 18:12:37 2005

Message: I can highly recommend John at http://walkingways.co.uk/

From anon dude on Mon Sep 19 19:13:01 2005

Message: ty 4 da site it helped me with my coursewrk.!!

From malcolm shaw from elliot lake ont canada on Sat Sep 17 00:41:32 2005

Message: brings back good and fond memories from a long time ago

From Pirojok on Thu Sep 15 00:14:50 2005

Message: I must admit that I found this site by mistake but this is a great site!!! Iwish more people will invest their time to build sites like this one. Thank you.

From Ian Cumming from Australia on Wed Sep 14 07:18:05 2005

Message: Wonderful site, I'm looking for information on shipwrecks Start Point. The Surname is Beable or variety of spelling, he was shipwrecked and moved to the Ivybridge/ Ugborough area . There was an Inn called "alight and Come Inn" any information would be appreciated The time frame is c1760 period. Thanks Ian .

From Alan on Mon Sep 12 22:38:17 2005

Message: I arrived at this site from www.beautifulbritain.co.uk and I am very pleased I found you. The website is a revelation, well laid out and featuring good photography. I myself have a few photos on the http://www.fylderamblers.co.uk site, but I use jalbum to show them. Take a look and see what you think at http://www.fylderamblers.co.uk/alanspics/cha_brockhole_grasmere/slides/IMG_0191.html. I am trying to do more photography on my walks and have just purchased a Canon 350D to try and improve my "eye". I will write to you via email to see if you are will to exchange links with my club website. All the best, Alan.

From kedge from Nottingham on Sun Sep 11 08:39:07 2005

Message: Wonderful images of the British Countryside. As an obsessive walker (along with Harry & his worn out paws) this is a lovely site to wander.

From Moe Viau on Thu Sep 8 00:13:37 2005

Message: Gorgeous pictures as usual. Interesting subjects as usual. Excellent composition as usual. I love that one of the doorknocker in Norfolk page 5. It's like it's saying...GO AHEAD... TRY ME. Moe Viau Ottawa, On., Canada

From Jim from Cheshire on Tue Sep 6 21:34:23 2005

Message: A very well put together site, the navigation is well thought out, and the photos are lovely too. Nice to see photos of lots of familiar places.

From Heather Symonds from Newport on Mon Sep 5 13:39:36 2005

Message: just come back from Broad Haven and Little haven. It's the best area on the planet with the best people/beaches/water/scenery and your pictures of the area are fantastic!! Well Done, I will be looking out for more pics on your site from now on

From Paul and Beverley Carter and Family from London on Sun Sep 4 22:39:17 2005

Message: Just a quick note to say thanks to the wonderful warm people in Hope Cove. We had a great week and wish we could live there

From Catherine from Failsworth, Lancashire on Fri Sep 2 08:24:44 2005

Message: Thank You for a very wonderful, interesting, site, I keep coming back to it.

From Jean Fitzhugh from Mossley in Lancashire on Thu Sep 1 14:28:22 2005

Message: Great Site, reconise lots of places. Thought I would visit again. I now have lots more Photos on pbase. Cheers Jean

From John from Cheyenne WY USA on Thu Aug 25 09:43:12 2005

Message: You have a very interesting site. I like what I see and will return often to see your progress and additions.

From Mike from Caribou ME USA on Tue Aug 23 12:48:38 2005

Message: What a wonderful site. I am so happy I found it.

From Dan from Over Alderley on Sun Aug 21 19:10:33 2005

Message: Hello well done with the site i belive you know viv moores i go and stay with her daughter who has jack from Angelsey well well done again keep up the good work. Dan

From Craig from UK on Sun Aug 14 17:12:27 2005

Message: Nice red squirrel photographs. I also have some images taken at Formy on my site http://www.redsquirrels.info

From Aldo from Roma on Mon Aug 8 15:02:09 2005

Message: cool site, cool pix, cool everything. I'm a Nikon lover :)

From Paul Bellwood from Stenson Fields, Derby on Sun Aug 7 15:16:14 2005

Message: Super web site.

From Huntingtons Wine Bar Brampton from Market Place Brampton cumbria on Fri Aug 5 12:31:55 2005

Message: Great photo's guys! Check out the Cumbrian photos on our website. It's a lot more fun that watching paint dry. Just. :)

From Graham Payne from Near Alton Towers on Thu Aug 4 20:45:35 2005

Message: Great site, superb pictures. You obviously have a talent. You persuaded me to buy an F200 and my son an A2. An expensive visit to your site methinks!! Just hope we can do them as much justice as you have.

From Finn from uk on Wed Aug 3 18:48:36 2005

Message: what a wonderful site, with some really nice pictures.

From Jenny Watts from Cleethorpes North Lincolnshire on Tue Aug 2 18:08:30 2005

Message: enjoyed looking at your photos - came across them searching for our holiday destination - Nolton Haven - thanks for the insight - looking forward even more to the holiday.

From andy from Wildboarclough on Tue Aug 2 05:59:14 2005

Message: Nice images on here
Homepage: http://www.stanleyarms.com/?ref=bootsandpaws.co.uk

From Vadim on Thu Jul 28 02:11:29 2005

Message: I am a student in high school. I am in a photo journalism class, and I'm thinking about going into a career in photo journalism. This site as well. Best wishes.

From Pamela Turner from Midway, Georgia, USA on Thu Jul 28 00:01:44 2005

Message: My ancestor,Sir Knight Thomas Savage, was buried at Beeston Castle on February 20,1655. I would like to know more about the history of this castle,and about my heritage. Pamela Turner.

From Stan from Wausau WI USA on Mon Jul 25 12:00:22 2005

Message: Good worK! You've a very nice site where is possible to find interesting information. This is a great site enjoy surfing into it.

From Gordon Williams from Nottinghamshire on Sat Jul 23 21:50:50 2005

Message: Stumbled over your website when I was looking for for wildboarclough. Love the photos of the dogs. Sadly, I lost my dog in May this year. He was 15 and a half. Good innings. Its always nice to see people cherish their pets. I have a load of my dog amongst other things on my website. Although it is very basic.

From Vun on Fri Jul 22 18:50:09 2005

Message: Hi All. I like your site. It's really cool.

From Mr what happened to your face on Thu Jul 21 12:32:57 2005

Message: Wow, these photographs are superb.that staffordshire vista of the pasture and lake is especially striking.i really enjoyed looking at all these photos filled with atmosphere

From Eneab on Mon Jul 18 04:59:27 2005

Message: I must admit that I found this site by mistake but this is a great site!!! I wish more people will invest their time to build sites like this one. Thank you

From Jassy on Sat Jul 9 00:29:46 2005

Message: Hi all. Hi-end site, very good. Thank you for a lot interesting information.

From Velli on Wed Jul 6 05:39:42 2005

Message: Its the second time I visited your web site. It was relaxing after training. good site.

From Fiken on Wed Jul 6 00:26:50 2005

Message: Hello! Nice page and it downloads very fast, enjoyed it very much, take care. The internet is a great place to showcase art and increase awareness in the variety of excellent work available.

From Merlin from Wales on Tue Jul 5 21:10:42 2005

Message: We are setting up a free online community encyclopedia about Wales and Welsh affairs. I was wondering if you or your visitors could help out at all. Everything is done on-line and you do not need to be a professor to help. Perhaps you could add a link to us. Maybe an article or two. How about updating an article? Please see - WELSHPEDIA at http://www.welshpedia.co.uk/wiki/wales/ Thanks - Merlin

From Adam from Havre MT USA on Mon Jul 4 15:31:44 2005

Message: Hi! I bookmark your site, best greetings and Good Luck!Keep up the good work!

From sahar from iran on Sun Jul 3 11:24:19 2005

Message: thanx for your site.but i want to know ,is pemberley belong to the special family today or not?and every body can visit the pemberley?

From Birdet on Fri Jul 1 02:44:06 2005

Message: Loved your website.Likes UNIX. Your biggest fan.

From Fiken on Fri Jul 1 00:11:35 2005

Message: Great work. Thank you for a lot interesting information.

From Jozef Ridilla from Lipany, Slovakia on Thu Jun 30 19:04:44 2005

Message: Lovely done! I enjoyed especially Ilam Hall, Wray Castle and McCaig's Tower as I'm interested in Gothic Revival architecture and the follies. Anyway, my favourite picture of your collection is view acroos the Menai Strait looking toward the Mountains of Snowdonia (that with the bench) - this reminds me paintings by Giorgio de Chirico (and A Month by the Lake with Vanessa Redgrave as well).

From Angharad Jeremiah from Brynaman - South Wales on Tue Jun 28 19:15:49 2005

Message: I spent alot of time in barafunle bay as a child, been thinking alot about it lately - good to see it still looking so beautiful!! and the lilly ponds too! be looking forward to a return visit very soon.

From MR MRS I STANFIELD from BIRMINGHAM U.K on Tue Jun 28 10:06:01 2005

Message: Very pretty, was most plesently suprised at the size and the diffrent gardens,will defenatley be making another visit. Highly Recomended

From Richard Dixon from Cumbria on Mon Jun 27 21:20:05 2005

Message: How lucky we are to have such a beautiful county, well captured on this great web site.

From kay walden from South Island New Zealand on Fri Jun 24 22:20:51 2005

Message: some beautiful country and wonderful photos! will return to this site to explore further. Thanks

From Arnold from Wichita KS USA on Wed Jun 22 14:01:37 2005

Message: This is my first time on this site, and it is very interesting. Your site helped me so much!!! Thank you

From Kurt from Imperial NE USA on Tue Jun 21 14:09:51 2005

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Message: My mother Edith Harriet Clarke came up from London around 1917 to be the Post mistress at Wildboarclough Post Office at Crag Hall. She met my father who was the Postman there, they married and had 4 Children me being the last.

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Message: As someone whose ancestors lived in Kilmore in the 18th century I was flabbergasted at the item on Kilmore games which I haven't been to for some time - the Oban Times did not mention my stall on Kilmore history. What a pity you dont show some views of Kilmore

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Message: well i think the late peter mcgarry deserves a mention he used to run the local scrap yard mow cop car dismantlers in wood st mow cop . and over the years he has raced pigeons . he olso gave the penecotal church in statoin rd the plot of land so they cud build there church . he sadly died last friday . and is being buried at woodcock wells church . after the service at the pentecostal church . which he gave them the land . he leaves 2 sons eric and robert . he was also going out with vera johnson of moorland rd in mow cop he will be sadly missed .by poeple he loved and who loved him most of all his sons and vera . so if u cud find it to place tributes to him on ur sit i would apperiate this very much . he also has friends in cumbria where he used to have his fell ponies from . and all round this area for his love of racing pigeons . many thanks . kj

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Message: Great pictures of the Lake District, my favourite place. If this site has inspired anyone to take a break up there, have a look at our cottage (see website). We welcome pet owners

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sun country cycle

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Message: Very nice and lovely pictures. I have spent 10 days in Scotland in June 2003 and only one hour in Oban ! Your pictures remind those landscapes with pleasure...

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Message: You take great pictures! The pictures make me want to visit UK again. I was looking for digital camera reviews on Minlota Konica A2 and pop across your site. I will see what Minonta has to offer on the Dynax 7 Digital which is due this Fall before deciding. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. Dom

From Peter Needham from Macclesfield on Mon Aug 30 12:36:16 2004

Message: Thanks Nicky for the pictures. I have lived in this area for most of my life, thanks for reminding me just how lucky I am to have all this on my doorstep!

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Message: You take some really NICE Photos! I really liked Scotland, I lived there for a couple of years. Thanks!

From Maureen Reid from New Zealand. on Sat Aug 28 05:10:06 2004

Message: What superb photos of Speke Hall. My ancestors GRACE were tenant farmers there in late 1700s to early 1800s. Have not been able to visit since the Hall has been restored. Thank you. Maureen

From Nicole from Michigan, USA on Fri Aug 27 22:37:21 2004

Message: Your photos are beautiful, they make me want to visit England that much more :) I saw your website on dpreview.com, in the Minolta DiMAGE A2 owner's opinions. Photography is my major in college and, I am in search of a good digital camera, would you recommend the A2? was there anything you didn't like about it?

From Helen from Leeds on Thu Aug 26 11:07:43 2004

Message: Breath-taking photography! Really inspired me to visit the area.... especially the ones of Castleton and Ladybower.

From sheila from derby on Sat Aug 7 08:40:01 2004

Message: wonderful site but paws seem to be transported in cars.It really is possible by public transport and you do not have to return to that tin box at the end.

From John from Mid Hampshire on Mon Jul 19 21:50:19 2004

Message: The photographs on this web site are excellent. Moreover, they take me back to (some) of the ramblings of my youth. I know the Goyt well and have been past Jenkin Chapel humpteen times. I also know Derbyshire (I am a Derbian) and Devon well, too. I found your web site via a web search for "Lamaload". Ever since seeing the BBC tv play of the same name in the 1970s I have had a mystical fascination for the place. My visits to it did nothing to dispel this feeling. One point that I'm unsure of... do you actually organise walks or just reflect those that have taken place. Great title, by the way. My dogs were delighted but my wellies have been quiet on the matter. Cheers!

From Nadine from NZ on Sun Jul 11 06:19:10 2004

Message: this site is cool.... come back on soon guys! Luv Nadine

From Allan Grimshaw from Manchester Outskirts on Sat Jul 3 16:21:31 2004

Message: Thank you for these fantastic pictures I can spend ages looking through them its extremely relaxing Good Luck.

From Chris Pearson from Longshaw Derbyshire on Sat Jul 3 10:33:46 2004
Homepage: http://www.freewebs.com/longshaw/index.htm

Message: Hi Nicky, Thanks for giving me the inspiration for starting my own website and for helping me out with a few photos to get me started. I live in the house pictured on the Longshaw photo. Best wishes, Chris

From Heike from between Cologne and Duesseldorf, Germany on Mon Jun 28 13:37:18 2004
Homepage: http://somewhere on virtualtourist.com

Message: Thank you for the Scotland pages! I've visited the Kilmore Games and really appreciated some good pics - have you got more which might follow later? We've spread out from Glen Lonan and later on from Nairn for a fortnite in June and your page brings back lots of memories! You might have seen us somewhere along the way: we were the group with trekking sandals (moi) and fleece shirts (the other 2)! ;-) Cheers, heike

From Simon from Scotland on Tue Jun 22 20:47:41 2004
Homepage: http://uk-photos-web.co.uk/

Message: Hi Nicky I thought it only fair to say a word or two since you have crossed the border recently. I glad you found your way to McCaig's tower, a truly inspiring view all the way to Mull. I particularly like ob6b.jpg it has wonderful atmosphere. Looks like you had good weather; at least as good as it gets up there. It will be my turn soon. Take care Simon

From Lance from S Wales on Tue May 25 15:20:01 2004

Message: Love your Paws Photos

From deb from wilmslow on Sun May 16 09:47:38 2004

Message: great site wondeful info and even better pictures thank you!

From DJ_Triquatra from IL,USA on Thu Apr 29 00:41:48 2004
Homepage: http://www.dj-triquatra.com

Message: being a brit living in the USA (as of Aug 03) i really really miss home - seeing these breathtaking photos brought home right into my computer room. thankyou!

From Clare Griffiths from London on Wed Apr 21 12:47:46 2004
Homepage: http://mikeandclare.fotopic.net

Message: Love the Yorkshire sculpture park photos, have a look at the ones I took in October: http://mikeandclare.fotopic.net/c60928.html

From Carolyn from Kapunda South Australia on Sun Apr 18 04:52:51 2004
Homepage: http://n/a

Message: Discovered your site this morning via a thread to Ray Theron in Australia (I am a member of a Group that Ray belongs to). Have made your site a 'favourite'. I moved here to Australia 30 odd years ago, I was born in Worlds End, Chelsea,London - revisited several times over the years (family) hardly recognised Chelsea on my last visit, athough my home in Chelsea is now a pied de ter!!!!!! Keep up the good work and I will visit the site often. Regards South Australia

From Karen Elmore from USA/Washington State on Sat Apr 17 17:05:30 2004

Message: I had written earlier but forgot to mention how much I LOVE the animal pictures! With six dogs and six cats, I never tire of looking at someone else's loves! Thanks! Karen

From Karen Elmore from USA/Washington State on Sat Apr 17 16:48:21 2004

Message: Hi! For someone who has always wanted to travel to the UK and hasn't (yet!!) THANK YOU for the most beautiful and enjoyable pictures! I feel like I've been on vacation! I truly get lost in the pictures and can't wait for new one! Your time and effort are SO appreciated, keep up the good work! Karen

From Anthony Wilcox from Chester on Sun Apr 11 10:48:17 2004
Homepage: http://www.wilcoxworld.co.uk

Message: Stumbled across your website on dpreview.com. There are some excellent photos on there. I look forward to see more throughout 2004. Anthony

From Kevin Cromarty from Tampa, Florida, formerly Congleton on Thu Apr 8 20:00:05 2004

Message: Great website. I moved to the US last year and didn't have many pictures from home, so it's great to find a site with so many pictures from the places I grew up around. Despite the sun and heat here, I do miss the rain and snow! Keep up the good work!

From John Greenwood from Worcestershire on Wed Apr 7 23:08:01 2004
Homepage: http://www.johngreenwood.co.uk

Message: Hello Nicky, you have some very nice photos that have inspired me to visit some of the locations in your site. Well Done.

From Simon from Scotland UK on Wed Apr 7 22:43:22 2004
Homepage: http://uk-photos-web.co.uk

Message: Hi Nicky I'm glad to see you have a new guest book up and running now. I have kept an eye on your site since I first visited and have enjoyed seeing all the places you have visited. I would and have recommended your site to anyone that has an interest in photography and UK locations. You have done an excellent job with your photography and location information. Kind regards Simon.


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