QUARRY BANK MILL - PAGE 2  - (29/08/04)

This is the second page of photos from our visit to Quarry Bank Mill, for more information and photographs see page one by clicking here.

 Scenes from inside the mill above, the photo in the centre shows the view looking up the main mill chimney, the image to the left shows one of two steam engines now at the mill. Steam engines were first used in the mill from 1810 when water alone was not enough to power the machinery at the mill.
Normally the National Trust does not permit photography inside it's properties but after spotting a couple of people wandering around with 'photographers permit' stickers I checked if it was possible to take some. After some form filling, (no commercial photography and signing over the copyright) and paying the sum of 1 I obtained my 'sticker'.
Due to the success of Quarry Bank, mill owner Samuel Gregg opened four other mills in Caton, Lancaster, Bury and Bollington, by the 1830's Samuel Gregg & Co. was one of the largest cotton manufacturers in Britain.
The Apprentice House is featured in the photo on the right above, this building was used to accommodate around 90 children, (60 girls/30 boys) who worked at the mill. You can see inside the Apprentice House and learn about what sort of conditions and life the children who worked here had, through a tour with a costumed guide.


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