SHUTLINGSLOE - (19/09/04)

Most of these photos were taken on a walk up to the summit of Shutlingsloe on Sunday 19th September 04, a day that brought together National Walking Day, the introduction of the new Right to Roam laws and part of the 'Step into Cheshire' weekend. The weather was dry and cloudy with occasional sunny spells, the temperature reaching approximately 17˚C.

 The walk starts in Macclesfield Forest from the Trentabank Visitor Centre, it is uphill all the way to the top of Shutlingsloe at 1600ft high (500m). The first part of the walk is through the trees of the forest, the hill is also known as the Cheshire 'Matterhorn' due to it's pointed shape.
The views across Cheshire to the west and the Peak District hills in the east are well worth the effort, especially on clear days like this. Centre photo shows a zoomed in shot of Jodrell Bank Observatory over 10 miles away.
Just to the east of the hill is the small village of Wildboarclough set in the valley of Clough Brook, the photo in the centre above shows Crag Hall, to see more photos of Wildboarclough and an image showing the reverse view from Crag Hall towards Shutlingsloe, (Shutlingslowe) click here to see our visit back in February 04.
Although I didn't have time for a longer walk and just headed back down to Trentabank there are circular routes from here that take in Wildboarclough and the eastern parts of Macclesfield Forest as well as routes that head west that go past the Crag Inn and Hanging Gate Pubs. The last two photos were taken on different days in the same area, the photo on the right shows a young Cormorant (I think?) watching for it's fish supper.


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