PEMBROKESHIRE - PAGE 2 - (PHOTOS FROM 04/09/04-10/09/04)

More photos from our week in sunny Pembrokeshire.

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 Two different views of St David's Cathedral, parts of the present building date from the 12th century, it was built on the site of a 6th century monastery founded by St David. The city is the smallest in the UK, granted city status by Queen Elizabeth II in 1995.
Next door to the Cathedral are the impressive ruins of the medieval Bishop's Palace as shown in the photo on the left. Just to the north west of St David's is the popular Whitesands Bay with views across to Ramsey Island.
The picturesque natural harbour at Solva is shown on the left above, the other two photos show coastal scenes at Little Haven, a small village located just to the south of Broad Haven. At some low tides you can walk along the beach between Broad Haven and Little Haven around the headland shown in the centre photo, but there is a risk of getting cut off by the incoming tide.
Colourful pebbles in the clear waters at Little Haven and more crystal clear waters in the other photos, showing the tiny village of St Bride's.


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