PEMBROKESHIRE - PAGE 1 - (PHOTOS FROM 04/09/04-10/09/04)

In what has probably been the best weather of the year I have been lucky enough to spend the past week in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales.

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The unspoilt west facing beach of Nolton Haven is shown above, The beach is located in the centre of St Brides Bay.
More views of Nolton Haven above, we spent much of the week visiting the various coastal locations around St Brides Bay, part of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. To see a map of the area click here.
Just to the north of Nolton Haven is Newgale Sands, as shown above. The beach is over two miles long, it is mostly sandy, backed by a pebble bank here as a result of a powerful storm in October 1859.
More views of Newgale Sands above. The sunset on the right was taken from Broad Haven Beach.
The small town of Broad Haven is south of both Newgale and Nolton Haven. The area is a popular location for all kinds of water sports, including surfing, sailing, kayaking and fishing.


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