NORFOLK - PAGE 2 (10/07)

Page two of photos from a week in Norfolk including images of Castle Acre and the Sandringham Estate, to visit page one from this visit click here.

Castle Acre Priory Castle Acre Priory Castle Acre Priory
The remains of Castle Acre Priory are located just to the west of Castle Acre Village. The remains span across seven centuries of history with a church dating from the 12th century and a 15th century gatehouse, it was originally founded by William de Warenne in the 11th century. As with the nearby castle, (see page 1) the Priory is in the care of English Heritage, for more details about visiting the property including admission costs see the English Heritage website by clicking here.
Autumn Autumn Castle Acre
Autumn colours and another view of the Castle at Castle Acre.
Autumn Sandringham Castle Acre
A view of Her Majesty the Queen's country retreat at Sandingham, (centre photo - although you may have already guessed it isn't the building on the right) where a 600 acre woodland country park offers many walks for visitors to enjoy including two waymarked nature trails at 1.5 and 2.5 miles in length. To see other photos from visits to Norfolk click here.


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