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More photos from Devon, most of the images on this page are from the Becky Falls Woodland Park, Dartmoor. The park is located just off the A38 road that runs from Exeter towards Plymouth, and is four miles west of Bovey Tracey. To see a map of the area click here.

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There is a variety of animals at the park, including goats, birds of prey (mostly rescued), rabbits and Dartmoor Ponies. The area has been designated a site of special scientific interest. Dogs are welcome at the park, not in the cafeteria, although there is outdoor seating.
There are a number of marked trails that run throughout the park, we take the 'red' trail but its not particularly easy walking, walking boots are recommended as it is fairly rocky and steep in parts. Centre photo shows the crooked log bridge that crosses the stream.
Photos on the right and centre were taken in Salcombe, it is the most southern town in the South Hams, for a map of the area click here. It is a very popular tourist and sailing destination and lies near the entrance of the vast Salcombe estuary that reaches as far north as Kingsbridge.


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