YORKSHIRE - PAGE 3 - 03/06/06

A few more photos from our trip to Yorkshire.

Featured on the left is Bolton Castle built in 1399 by Richard le Scrope, 1st Lord Scrope of Bolton and Lord Chancellor of England. The castle has never been sold and even today is in the ownership of a descendent of Richard le Scrope. It is another location used for TV and film with credits including Ivanhoe, Elizabeth , Heartbeat and All Things Great and Small. The castle is located near Leyburn. The other two photos show some of the many barns that are widespread throughout the Yorkshire Dales.
More barns that were built to store food over the winter months, the ones featured on this page are located in picturesque Swaledale in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.
Bluebells and Hardraw Force near Hawes, the waterfall is England's largest drop waterfall at 100 feet with famous past visitors including Turner who painted the scene and Wordsworth.
Evening sunshine at Ripon races, where I learnt a career in professional gambling is never going to be an option!


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