YORKSHIRE - 07-10/06/06

Waterfalls, castle ruins and unusual rock formations at Brimham are included in this page featuring more photos from Yorkshire.

The River Ure falls through three sets of waterfalls cut through limestone rock at Aysgarth on its way to Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales. In 1991 the falls were famously used as the location for a fight scene in the film, 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' starring Kevin Costner.
Middleham Castle located to the south of Leyburn was once the home of Richard III who was crowned King in 1483. It is thought there was a castle on the site as long ago as the 12th century, built as a defensive fortress to control this part of the Dales and a route across the Pennines.
Another Yorkshire location used for TV and film are the unusual rock formations at Brimham, Nidderdale in the care of the National Trust. The rocks have featured in Wuthering Heights, A Woman of Substance and a 1970's version of Jane Eyre.
The sandstone formations were formed by millions of years of erosion to leave the spectacular shapes we see today. From the rocks there are also stunning views across the surrounding countryside especially from Brimham House where there is a visitor centre housing information about the geology and history of the area.


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