Today's photos are a bit of a mixture, not from one particular place. The weather was sunshine and heavy showers with a temperature of approximately 7˚C.

Photos centre and left from Macclesfield Forest, views of Trentabank Reservoir. Right photo is Clough Brook at Wildboarclough. Flash flooding of the brook in May 1989 resulted in the death of a motorist and the destruction of many of the bridges that crossed the brook, it took many months before the area recovered and was re-constructed.
A panorama photograph taken from the path that leads from the car park at Wildboarclough towards the peak of Shutlingsloe.
Centre and left photos were also taken from the path that leads towards the 'Cheshire Matterhorn', Shutlingsloe, it was a unplanned wander up here and I didn't make it to the top due to dark black clouds approaching, a weather forecast of sleet and hail stones, and no waterproofs. Well, that's my excuse anyway, another day... The Cat & Fiddle Pub in the photo on the right, zoomed in from the same location as the photo below.
Taken from near the Standing Stone car park at the top of Macclesfield Forest. The Cat and Fiddle is in the centre of the image.


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