TEGGS NOSE - 09/05/04

Photos on this page are from our walk a couple of weeks ago, (19th April 2004). The weather on the day was sunshine, mixed with heavy hailstone showers. Teggs Nose can be found just to the east of Macclesfield, Cheshire. For a map of the area click here.

The old quarry machinery here has been spruced up with a lick of paint over the winter.
Views from the Teggs Nose summit above. Centre photo shows the village of Langley, while the photo on the right is zoomed in looking towards Ridgegate Reservoir and the Leather's Smithy pub.
Teggs Nose and Bottoms Reservoir in the photo on the left above with the Telecom Tower in the distance, masked by the drifting clouds. The photo on the right above shows a new feature at the Country Park created by environmental artist Reece Ingram. The new focal point, constructed of drystone walling and oak has 'peepholes' picking out various features of the surrounding area.
One of the new locals in the photo on the left above. Relaxing in the sunshine before some scary person with a camera spoils the peace! The two sculptures shown above, located just off the car park at the Visitors Centre are more new features to have appeared over the winter.


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