VARIOUS, SNOW- 20/11/04

This latest update to the site features photos from a variety of locations in Cheshire and Derbyshire showing the first snowfall of the winter. The weather today was dry and mostly cloudy with the temperature reaching a high of around 3˚C.

A ruined building at Bottom-of-the-Oven near Wildboarclough is shown in the photo on the left, centre photo looks towards the summit of Shutlingsloe. The roads are mostly clear today but many of the cross pennine routes were blocked yesterday, (19/11/04).
The snow was just beginning to thaw at the Pavillion Gardens in Buxton as featured in the photos to the left and centre above.
As we reach Saltersford near the Goyt Valley the sun makes a brief appearance at Jenkin Chapel and across the surrounding hills; clouds in the distance threaten but do not deliver any further snowfall.


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