Photographs from a short visit to Scotney Castle in Kent, South East England are included in this latest update to the website. The castle is in the care of the National Trust and includes a victorian country house, the ruins of a medieval castle, woodland walks and gardens in the grounds of the 770 acre estate. Dogs are only permitted on leads on estate walks only.

Scotney Castle Scotney Castle Old Scotney Castle
The old castle ruins date from the 14th century, originally a manor house built with fortifications to withstand attack. There were great fears around this time, especially in the south east of England that a French invasion was imminent and many private land owners sought to defend their property from attack.
Scotney Castle, Kent Scotney Castle Ruins Entrance, Scotney Castle
Not a lot of the old castle remains, and what does, surrounded by a moat and set in the gardens created in the 18th century by Edward Hussey III is said to be one of the most romantic places in England.
Scotney Castle, Kent Scotney 'New' Castle Scotney Castle Gardens
The 'new' Scotney Castle which dates from the 1830's overlooks the gardens and ruins and is open to the public to visit, for more information on opening times and facilities visit the National Trust website by clicking here.
Quarry Gardens Stables, Scotney Castle Scotney Castle
The estate and parkland are open for walks throughout the year and is known for spectacular Autumn colours and bluebells in the spring. The quarry garden, created from where the sandstone for the new house was quarried is at the heart of the landscaped gardens set in the 29 acre garden created by William Sawrey Gilpin.


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