NORFOLK - PAGE 1 - (06/05)

Norfolk in East Anglia has been the setting for the past couple of weeks. There will be a few pages of  photos added in the near future of which this is the first, featuring a variety of different locations across the county.

How Hill Nature reserve is shown above, there are a number of footpaths in the area with scenery including wind drainage pumps and a tiny Marshmans cottage, as shown in the photo on the left. The cottage is a tiny museum giving a taste of the life of a Marshman from around 100 years ago; a Marshman lived and worked on the land, cutting reed for thatching and catching Eel in the waters of the Broads.
Views of Horning above situated on the banks of the River Bure. The photo on the right features the 'Southern Comfort' Mississippi Paddle Boat based here which offers trips along the river for up to 100 people as far as Ranworth Broad.
The Elizabethan House Museum in the care of the National Trust is located at the South Quay in Great Yarmouth, on the Norfolk coast. The museum explains the lives of families that lived in the house from Tudor to Victorian Times; it is thought that the trial and execution of King Charles I was plotted in one of the rooms here, (centre photo).
Another photo from the Elizabethan House Museum on the left along with a couple of typical Norfolk scenes, poppies and a windmill at Cley Next Sea, situated on the north Norfolk coastline.


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