The Monsal Trail Tunnels were officially unveiled just a couple of weeks ago opening up the route for walking, cycling and horse riding from just to the south of Buxton as far as Bakewell.

Blackwell Cottages Monsal Trail Lime Kilns Chee Tor Tunnel
Now that the tunnels are open along this route it is surely one of the most scenic tracks in the Country, with some of the best views the Peak District has to offer. The photographs on this page begin at the start of the 8.5 mile trail at Blackwell Mill, where there is a newly opened cafe and cycle hire hut with car parking facilities. For those wishing to visit by public transport there are buses that run along the A6 which is close to the trail at a number of points from Derby, Manchester and Nottingham. The Monsal Trail provides a glimpse of the history between man and nature in the Peak District, including Lime Kilns, (centre photo) along the route of the Midland Railway which closed for the last time in 1968.
Monsal Dale Monsal Trail Tunnels Bakewell Station
Several years in the planning and bringing the ideas to life have proven to be a great success if the number of visitors to the trail and local businesses were anything to go by this weekend. Some of the old railway stations have been transformed into ideal rest points along the way, including Millers Dale and Hassop Station where the bookshop and cafe now has the addition of cycle hire for visitors including pedal assisted Electric Bikes. The photos above show the view of Monsal Dale, one of the newly opened tunnels and Bakewell Station at the southern end of the trail.
Millers Dale Station Monsal Trail Monsal Trail
The route is largely flat with a slight downhill gradient from north to south making it ideal for easy walking and cycling. For the more adventurous visitors the viaducts and rock faces in the area have long been popular locations for abseiling and rock climbing in the Peak District. Other reminders of industry in the area are provided with views across to the imposing Cressbrook Mill and Litton Mill in the valley.
River Wye Wyedale Monsal Trail Viaduct
Wyedale at the northern end of the trail to the south of Buxton is shown in the photographs above. There is a steep drop down from the main trail but it is worth the departure to see the picturesque cottages and River Wye there.


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