A walk near Castleton in the Peak District, including spectacular views from the top of the 'Shivering Mountain' or Mam Tor is featured on this latest update to the Boots and Paws website. To see previous visits to the Castleton area in the Peak District visit the Derbyshire archive page by clicking here.

View from Castleton towards Mam Tor Castleton View of Castleton from Mam Tor
Starting from Castleton Village the walk towards Mam Tor is a fairly level one at first before climbing steeply through the unique scenery of Winnats Pass and towards the summit of Mam Tor.  The climb to the top of the 'Shivering Mountain' is rewarded with views over the Edale Valley towards Kinder Scout, as well as across Castleton Village to the east.
Walking Path Winnats Pass Sign Mam Tor Mountain
Once reaching the summit at a height of 517m or 1696ft there is a fairly level walk along the ridge towards Hollins Cross and along Barker Bank before dropping towards Castleton Village with its visitor centre, shops and restaurants. At the summit of Mam Tor there are also the remains of an Iron Age Fort to see and evidence has been found to suggest the area was occupied as far back as the Bronze Age.
Remains of Road, Mam Tor Mam Tor, Peak District Cow near Mam Tor
The remains of the A625 road that was once was a main route from Sheffield to  Chapel en le Frith are clear to see at the base of the Mountain. The road was closed after attempts to keep it open were abandoned due to the crumbling layers of shale at the base of Mam Tor. Today, the only route through the area is the narrow road through the Winnats Pass and the centre of Castleton Village.


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