LINDOW COMMON - 11/08/03

This evening we visit Lindow Common, it is located in Cheshire just to the west of the centre of Wilmslow, you can reach it off the A538 road that runs from Wilmslow towards Hale and Altrincham. There is a car park and information board near the Boddington Arms Pub. The weather is warm and dry but very dull.

We embark on a short walk along good, flat footpaths towards, and then around Black Lake, as shown in the photos above, left and right. The photo on the left shows the Heather in flower.
The area is designated as a site of special scientific interest due to the lowland heath and the habitat this provides for wildlife including lizards, butterflies, dragonflies and woodpeckers. The Lake is currently fenced off, this could have something to do with the information on the sign on the left, the dreaded Blue-Green Algae.
Nearby Lindow Moss is where Lindow Man was found in 1983, the remains of a Iron Age Man, locally known as Lindow Pete. Lindow Common and Lindow Moss comprise of a layer of peat on glacial sands and gravels deposited after the last ice age.


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