GAWSWORTH - 08/04/07

Located between Macclesfield and Congleton in Cheshire, the Parish of Gawsworth including the historic Gawsworth Hall and church is featured in this latest update to Boots and Paws.

 A short walk around the village takes you on a journey rich in history with links to Shakespeare, an eccentric Jester and the most famous duel in English history. From left to right the images above show the Old Rectory dating from 1707,  Gawsworth New Hall and the Church of St. James dating mostly from the 15th century.
On a day like this it is easy to see why it has been said that to see Cheshire you must see Gawsworth.
Another view of Gawsworth church where the tombs of the Fitton family who used to own Gawsworth Old Hall can be seen. As well as being one of the most beautiful villages in Cheshire Gawsworth is also said to be one of the most haunted; the Old Hall, Church and Old Rectory are all thought to be haunted along with nearby Maggoty’s Wood where the last professional Jester in England, Samuel ’Maggoty’ Johnson is buried.
Gawsworth Old Hall (no dogs) was once home to Samuel ’Maggoty’ Johnson along with other famous inhabitants including Mary Fitton, who is thought to have been the Dark Lady of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. In 1712 after many legal battles over the ownership of the Gawsworth Estate Lord Mohun and the Duke of Hamilton fought a famous duel in which both men where killed. Since 1962 the Hall has been home to the Richards family who open it to visitors along with an open air theatre in the summer months, more details can be found on the official website www.gawsworthhall.com.


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