CHESHIRE - 02/09/07

Locations from around East Cheshire including Marton, Siddington and Wildboarclough are featured in this latest update to Boots and Paws.

Marton Church Siddington Church Lamaload
Just to the north of Congleton is Marton Church, (left photo) also known as the church of St. James and St. Paul; located to the north of Congleton just off the A34 road it dates from the 14th century and is said to be the oldest half timbered church still in use in Europe. A little further north along the A34 in the village of Siddington is All Saints Church which at first glance looks like another timber framed building but the effect is actually painted over brickwork added early in the 19th century.
Lamaload Hot Air Balloon Saltersford
A hot air balloon flies low overhead before landing on nearby fields. The other two photos were taken near Lamaload Reservoir and overlooking the Saltersford area near Rainow Village.
Wildboarclough Wildboarclough Ridgegate Reservoir
At Wildboarclough the sun sets behind the summit of Shutlingsloe and across a peaceful Ridgegate Reservoir in nearby Macclesfield Forest.


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