Today we visit the English Heritage's Beeston Castle. It is located approximately 11 miles to the south east of Chester in Cheshire, for a map of the area click here. There is sunshine with a few heavy rain showers. Dogs are welcome throughout the property. There are admission charges, for details of this and facilities at the castle please click here, to take you to the English Heritage website.

First stop, as left photo, is at the Cheshire Workshops candle factory located just a few miles from the castle. It is worth a visit en-route, you can watch candles being made and children can have a go at making their own. There is also a shop and restaurant.
Onto the castle we start the walk up to the top with rain clouds heading in our direction. The castle was built in the thirteenth century and stands at a height of 500ft above the Cheshire Plain.
The 360˚ views from the top of the summit in the inner bailey of the castle are superb with views across eight counties, the Pennines to the east and Welsh Mountains to the west.
The weather brightens as we head back down through the outer bailey of the castle, (centre and right photos). The paths are fairly steep and slippy in parts, good shoes are needed.
There is a display about the history of the site, including settlements dating back as far as 800 BC, in the entrance building and shop, this was built in 1845 in the same style as the castle.


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