BAKEWELL - 10/01/04

It is a damp, dull day as we head for Bakewell in the heart of the Peak District. You can find Bakewell in Derbyshire, halfway between the towns of Buxton and Matlock off the A6 road, for a map of the area click here.

Gloomy photos today I'm afraid as we walk a short distance along the River Wye. The five arched packhorse bridge in the photo to the left above was constructed around 1300.
Bakewell is a popular base for exploring the Peak District, it has one of the oldest markets in the area, the first recorded in 1254. A walk around Bakewell makes a nice change from the wall to wall chain-stores that seem to be a feature of so many towns now.
Bakewell's biggest claim to fame is surely as the home of the Bakewell Pudding, sold in many shops around the town. It is thought the pudding was first made by accident, due to a mistake by a chef at the now Rutland Arms Hotel, as left photo above. The Rutland Arms Hotel is also known as the place where Jane Austen stayed whilst writing the famous book Pride and Prejudice.
More views of the river Wye above as we make our way back. You may just be able to spot the the packhorse bridge again in the photo on the right above. Photographs of this picturesque bridge feature in many calendars, although I suspect the images were taken in weather better than that of today!


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